A website for a Personal Trainer based in Altrincham. 

As well as use as marketing tool to bring in clients, the website serves as a way for clients to easily make appointments through the frontpage. 

It also allows direct access via online chat for online consultations.  

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A London based Public Relations firm specialising in technology, digital media and start-ups.  

A brochure site, detailing the firm’s work with case studies, as well as video content show casing coverage, and interviews with the team. 

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A website for a London based Recruitment Agency. 

Featuring a fully functioning job board, as well as contact forms for candidates and employers. 

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An online store for the retail of the learning aid “Law Mind Maps”.

A fully functioning digital store, with chat functionality to enable the owner to respond quickly to buyer queries. 

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A London based crowd-funded PR agency. 

The website features fully functioning newsroom and integrated commerce functionality. 

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A website for a North London Estate Agent and Letting Agency. 

A full database of properties allows users to browse properties for sale and to let. 

Other features include a maintainance reporting page that automatically creates a job ticket for any new problem, and live chat that enables the agency to react quickly to enquiries. 

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A brochure site for a consumer public relations, digital publishing, content marketing and native advertising consultancy. 

Sectors include entertainment and media, lifestyle, hobbies, games, recruitment, education and fitness.


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