As well as a fully functional website, we will set up the appropriate third party systems to make your business life easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

We have reviewed all of the best micro-business software on the market, and aim to provide cost effective systems that get your business up and running quickly, smoothly and easily.

We provide a one to one consultation, either in person (wherever possible) or via Skype chat. This is to ensure we fully understand your needs when setting up the systems.

Training on how to use the systems and any additional features will be provided, preferably in person, but also via Skype chat where a personal meeting is impossible.

These additional features include:

Live chat – a chatbox can be placed on your site, activated immediately or on certain pages, that enables users to directly message you with any queries, problems or requests.

Chat Bots – automated “bots” can be placed on your site, dealing with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or directing users to the appropriate sections of your site.

Large scale email marketing – whether you want a bespoke newsletter telling your customers what is new in stock, or a digest of published articles, we provide access to a range of email marketing tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – analytics on customer engagement throughout their life cycle on the site are available, as well as advanced CRM systems to ensure that customers or users are engaging optimally with your site. 

Time Management and Appointment setting – Keeping track of workflow, appointments, and diaries, including email reminders, and automated scheduling with time-zone intelligent management.

Additional Recommended Services

Public Relations – Experienced PR professionals can ensure that your products or services are marketed to appropriate audiences cost effectively.

Online Accounting – we can recommend various online accounting tools. These tools can simplify making payments, managing commerce, tax-filing and online bookkeeping. An easy to use system which you will have full control over.

Many of these services are from third party providers, and can offer a “freemium” or paid service. We will advise you on the best and most cost effective solutions. We will always recommend the most cost effective option – ideally free – but you should take note that as your business grows you may need to pay to use all the functions you desire.

We do not sell or resell these services. You will have a direct contractual relationship with end providers, which gives you extra control and contractual protection.